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Special Release: Women Conquer Business Crossover

As you know, the podcast is on a bit of a hiatus until the New Year because of Kelly’s big time neurosurgery. But we promised we would be posting some special episodes and collaborations.  First up is an episode of Women Conquer Business with Jen McFarland! Kelly appeared on the show to be interviewed about her book, the podcast, and her work in Network Marketing. What Kelly didn’t know at the time was that Jen is actually a HUGE fan of A Non Mom Happy Hour and had been following Nerdzilla Lives! (Kelly’s blog) and things. The two ladies had a lot of fun in the studio, and Kelly talks about the beginning of the show and the friendship that the Non Moms developed from several states away. Oh, and here’s a nugget of awesome from Jen! She developed a “How-To” guide for launching a podcast! We wish we’d have had this in the beginning.   

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