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088 Thrive Deeper: Exodus 1 - 3

We begin EXODUS! Here is the Bible Project's great video on the beginning of Exodus: LOVE YOUR questions! You can send them to us directly at ANDY sent us his note: "First of all I have to say that I'm really happy with the way the podcast is going. It continues to be a fantastic source of insight and inspiration for me. Just a minor question: I'm always a little surprised that Potiphar sent Joseph to prison because I would have thought that he would have had the power to have Joseph killed. Is this an example of the Lord's protection of Joseph through Potiphar really liking Joseph too much to see him dead? Cheers and blessya all Andy" Also head over to and use the code "THRIVETODAY" to get $10 off your subscription!SEE YOU IN A FORTNIGHT!

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