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079 Thrive Deeper: Genesis 16 - 17 + Questions

Questions: from the thriving facebook group: Kellyanne C. "Catching up on podcasts from a few weeks back. Matt’s sermons on Genesis say we are created in God’s image and this alludes to us being God’s children. I’m confused- are all human beings God’s children? Or only those who come to faith in Christ? Why would the New Testament say we (believers) have been adopted into God’s family if we already belonged to God’s family?" Cheryne B. "What is light? It was created before the sun so it isn't really physical light. In the past when I read 1st John - I assumed that light is God, but if God created light then it isn't God is it? What is it exactly? Like I understand what it is to live in the light and what it is to live in darkness, but it is something God created and it kind of puzzled me a bit." Kristi B. "Did Adam and eve ever eat from the tree of life? Genesis 2:9 and Genesis 3:22" Meg T. "A) were we, in fact, actually made flawed? We had a choice to eat from the wrong tree or not, and we were so weak that on first temptation we folded and gave in to the temptation. So were we made flawed? Weak? God knew we were going to do it, why? Did we ever stand a chance or did we always have evil in us? How can something God made be inherently evil from the very Beginning? In that case, what is the point of anything? B ) would anything have happened differently if Adam and Eve had if owned up to God the instant they sinned? Or would things have still unfolded the same way because man was so weak and hid?" And an announcement that we will be starting a new podcast in 2020 "Thrive: Topics"!

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