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Coaching | What is NLP?

What is NLP? (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in this episode I talk about what NLP is, who it's for and some of the techniques you'll learn. If you want to become a certified NLP practitioner you can join The Created Coach Method certification below! Work 1:1 with Brooke - bit.ly/coachingwithbrooke Free course - createdmindacademy.com/signaturemethod Associate Coach Certification - createdmindacademy.com/associatecoach NLP & Hypnosis Certification Course - createdmindacademy.com/certification Free Training - createdmindacademy.com/standoutcoach Website - createdmindacademy.com Instagram - instagram.com/brookealexander.co/ Apply to be coached on the podcast here - createdmindacademy.com/podcast-coaching-application Full Transcript at createdmindacademy.com/blog

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