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6 tips for selling coaching

It does not work to sell coaching to someone that has no clear process or method on how you’re going to help your client achieve their results. your clients know what they’re looking for now. Most people know what coaching is ... and they know that they want a coach to help them achieve something. They have a result they want and they know a coach will be beneficial in that journey. your offer and HOW you help people needs to be crystal clear. it needs to be simple. it needs to be easy for you to explain in no uncertain terms. Free course: createdmindacademy.com/signaturemethod Associate Coach Certification NLP & Hypnosis Certification Course - The Created Coach Method Free Training - Stand Out Coach Training Website: createdmindacademy.com Instagram: @brookealexander.co Apply to be coached on the podcast here Full Transcript at createdmindacademy.com/blog

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