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Believing in your group coaching and in your clients with Timea

In this episode I'm coaching Timea in real time on a challenge she was facing in her coaching business. Timea's submission to be coached was "I’m struggling with: my group coaching won’t make more money than my 1:1 offers”  You'll notice I focus on coaching more as opposed to consulting or mentoring. This is where I start when I work with clients as I coach "the who" and not "the what". I always coach the mind before we get into strategy and doing. Without having the mind in the right place the strategy and doing will go nowhere. Free course: createdmindacademy.com/signaturemethod Associate Coach Certification NLP & Hypnosis Certification Course - The Created Coach Method Free Training - Stand Out Coach Training Website: createdmindacademy.com Instagram: @brookealexander.co Apply to be coached on the podcast here Full Transcript at createdmindacademy.com/blog

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