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How to create a high quality offer

The amount of people who sign up to work with you and the amount of money you make as a life coach is not dependent on how many instagram followers you have. it’s not dependent on whether you have a membership or a group coaching program. Every result you experience is a mirror reflecting the quality of your thinking. Your results show you exactly what is going on internally for you. This is the key that will change everything for you. In this episode I share the differences between a high quality coaching offer and a low quality coaching offer. Free course: createdmindacademy.com/signaturemethod Associate Coach Certification NLP & Hypnosis Certification Course - The Created Coach Method Free Training - Stand Out Coach Training Website: createdmindacademy.com Instagram: @brookealexander.co Apply to be coached on the podcast here Full Transcript at createdmindacademy.com/blog

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