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The simplest way to make money as a life coach

Hint: You're probably already doing too much. I see so many coaches trying all the things and creating all the offers and being on all the platforms to no avail. They're not seeing the success they should be seeing for the amount of energy they're putting into their business. This used to be me!! The truth. is, they're focusing on the wrong thing, or too many things. When your energy is spread thin because you're so busy throwing spaghetti at the wall, you'll never get really good at doing anything and that's when you feel like you're not seeing the success you should be for the amount of energy you're putting in to it. Full Transcript at createdmindacademy.com/blog Coach Certification Course - The Created Coach Method Free Training - Stand Out Coach Training Website: createdmindacademy.com Instagram: @brookealexander.co

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