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How to create goals the RIGHT way, that you actually want to achieve

Ok there are sooo many different ways to set goals. In The Created Coach Method you learn how to set goals for yourself AND how to help your clients create goals for themselves (while you support them) and I wanted to share an overview on how to actually set goals. The most important part when it comes to goal setting is your mindset. Your identity needs to be aligned with your goals. This requires subconscious reprogramming (for most people) which is where NLP and Hypnosis come in. Make sure you take notes as you're listening because you're going to set your goals as we go! BECOME A CERTIFIED COACH  + https://www.createdmindacademy.com/certification   ACCESS YOUR FREE COACH MINI-TRAINING  + https://www.createdmindacademy.com/standoutcoachsessions    Where to find me:   + Website: https://www.createdmindacademy.com  + Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brookealexander.co/

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