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FuseBox Radio #615: DJ Fusion's The Futon Dun Livestream DJ Mix Fall Session #6 (Afro-Asiatic Aunties Love Acid Jazz 2 Mix)

While on the road to catching back up with getting back into giving folks more regular FuseBox Radio Broadcast full length episodes of tunes & commentary during the so far VERY strange times of 2020/#TheRona20s due to scheduling and other things, here's got a BRAND NEW DJ Fusion mix of some old & new school international Acid Jazz, Funk, R&B and more from this Sunday's livestream DJ set through our brand new streaming & blog site for the show, The Futon Dun (http://www.TheFutonDun.com)...relax and get into this bit of tunes, keep safe on the daily and enjoy! DJ Fusion's The Futon Dun Livestream DJ Mix Fall Session #6 (Afro-Asiatic Aunties Love Acid Jazz 2 Mix) 1. Kimiko Kasai & Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You 2. Macross 82-99 feat. Sarah Bonito - Horsey 3. Flipper's Guitar - Groove Tube Pt. 2 4. Anderson .Paak - Jewelz 5. Tanuki - Babybaby No Yume 6. Sunny Day Service - In The Sun Again 7. Spanky Wilson - You 8. A Man Called Adam - Earthly Powers 9. The Brand New Heavies - BNH 10. Kingo Hamada - Midnight Cruisin' 11. Erma Franklin - Light My Fire 12. Miki Matsubara - Stay With Me 13. Kaoru Akimoto - Wagamama na High Heels 14. Luther Vandross - Never Too Much 15. Evelyn "Champagne" King - I'm In Love 16. Janet Jackson - Alright ___ FuseBox Radio Broadcast Website: http://www.FuseBoxRadio.com FuseBox Radio Broadcast Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/FuseBoxRadioShow The Futon Dun: http://www.TheFutonDun.com FuseBox Radio Broadcast Twitch Page: http://www.twitch.tv/FuseBoxRadio

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