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Andrew Vassiliadis of San Diego Loyal SC: A Soccer Team That’s for the Culture

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Andrew gives an overview of what San Diego Loyal SC is [02:56] Andrew shares his background and how his professional career started [03:43] Andrew chronicles the timeline of putting together the San Diego Loyal team [09:17] Andrew talks about what it was like to launch the San Diego Loyal team during the pandemic, and what he has learned during the process [11:10] Andrew talks about the great four pillars, and how having a structure helped in forming a community in San Diego [13:28] What has it been like for USL since last season? [16:00] Andrew explains what the 1886 initiative is about [17:36] Andrew shares what he’s excited about for USL and San Diego Loyal, and why we need to refrain from using the term “minor league” [19:29] How big is the soccer community in San Diego? [22:06] Andrew talks about the soccer community across the border and how they bring the communities together [24:15] How does Andrew look at the big picture when it comes to building and helping USL grow? [26:47] How does tech play a part in the soccer industry? [28:26] Andrew shares his favorite taco spot, Ortiz's Taco Shop [32:51]   Follow Andrew LinkedIn   San Diego Loyal SC Website | Instagram  

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