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Kymberlee Weil of Storytelling School: Changing People’s Lives One Story at a Time

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Kymberlee gives an overview of what she does as a speaking strategist [03:00] How did Kymberlee get started in public speaking? [03:35] Kymberlee shares how TED talks have changed people’s lives [09:54] Kymberlee talks about the tech company she started [11:52] Kymberlee shares how storytelling can help in making connections and building trust [15:44] How did Kymberlee master being a good coach? [19:39] What do coaching and Kymberlee’s day-to-day look like? [22:02] Kymberlee shares what she’s currently working on and her future plans [24:04] Kymberlee talks about one of her mantras and her annual live event [27:04] Kymberlee shares her favorite taco spot, Teddy's By the Sea [29:04]   Follow Kymberlee LinkedIn | Website   Storytelling School Website | LinkedIn  

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