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Dominic Holt of Harpoon: Deploying Software the Easier Way

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Dominic gives an overview of what harpoon is [02:26] How did Dominic get started in software engineering? [03:55] Dominic shares advice for people, particularly those in the software industry, who want to start a business today [09:34] How and when did Dominic realize that he can make his business idea a reality [12:45] When did Dominic start testing his idea? What were his first trials like? [14:47] Dominic talks about finding the right people or businesses to market your product, and who harpoon is solving problems for [16:54] Did Dominic get outside funding or is harpoon self-funded? [20:50] Dominic talks about their product, its function, features they're planning to add, and more [22:20] Where does Dominic see harpoon in a year? [24:48] Dominic shares his favorite taco spots, Tacos El Gordo and Oscars Mexican Seafood [27:53] Follow Dominic Holt LinkedIn   harpoon Website | LinkedIn

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