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Developing Accessible and Cost-Effective Immuno-Oncology Solutions With Gregory Frost of EXUMA Biotechnology

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Greg gives an overview of what EXUMA Biotechnology is [02:16] How did Greg get into the biotech industry? [04:26] How did Greg end up in San Diego? [05:18] Greg shares what the biotech community in San Diego was like before [06:29] Greg talks about recycling nature and where that mentality of his comes from [08:16] Greg talks about his first company, Halozyme and working on making recombinant enzymes [09:18] When did Greg realize he wants to do another company? How did he get started? [11:17] Greg talks about CAR-T and where EXUMA is headed [16:50] What’s the current state of the FDA for a company like EXUMA? [23:20] Greg shares what people should be looking for from the community and what he’s  excited about [24:36] Greg shares his favorite taco spots, Roberto’s Taco and Baja [27:59]   Follow Gregory LinkedIn   EXUMA Biotechnology Website | LinkedIn

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