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Providing Fresh and Quality Seafood Sustainably With Lauran Madden of BlueNalu

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Lauran gives an overview of what BlueNalu is [02:31] How did Lauran get started in the cell-based protein field? [03:22] Lauran shares why she moved to San Diego [05:18] Lauran talks about the industry, what has changed since she joined BlueNalu, and what they’re doing with the technology [08:08] Lauran shares what their process is like, including a scale-up procedure [09:33] Lauren talks about the importance of product quality and product safety in their business [10:53] What does the future development look like for BlueNalu? Where are they currently and what are their future plans? [12:17] Lauran shares the possible hurdles they might encounter, including vulnerable supply chain and global warming [13:34] Lauran talks about where she spends the majority of her time as CTO, including developing technology and helping their marketing and PR teams [15:57] Lauran shares the type of companies she connects with as the CTO and what they usually talk about [17:29] Lauran shares her favorite taco spots, Senor Taco and Puesto [19:06]   Follow Lauran LinkedIn   BlueNalu Website | LinkedIn

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