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Quality Service for Irrigation Management With A.J. van de Ven of Calsense

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. A.J. gives an overview of what Calsense is [02:42] A.J. shares his background, where he came from originally, and how he got into Calsense [04:11] A.J. talks about how technology has advanced since he started working, and how it helped Calsense in protecting water [11:08] Have cities been able to change up landscaping to change up their water needs today? [15:25] With the hybrid aspect of work changing corporate campuses, A.J. shares his observations in terms of landscape as well as the mentality around where people work and play [19:34] What’s Calsense’s work model and experience like since the pandemic happened? [21:26] A.J. shares the things that he makes sure he’s paying attention to as Calsense’s CEO [23:42] Does A.J. think there’s a clean tech or agtech density of companies in San Diego? [28:13] A.J. shares his favorite taco spots, Fidel's Little Mexico and Aga Su Taco [30:19] Follow A.J. van de Ven LinkedIn   Calsense Website | LinkedIn

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