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Connecting People With Quality Services and Technology With Tony Krueck of Cox Communications

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Tony gives an overview of what Cox Communications is [02:28] How did Tony end up in the telecom industry? [03:15] Tony shares what made him want to get into engineering [06:16] Tony shares whether he knew it was going to be a long-term communication strategy for him when he was working on satellites while he was in the military [08:02] Tony talks about the early days of Cox Mobile and how telecom decides when it comes to infrastructure investment [12:30] When did Cox realize they should be looking at things from a product perspective? [16:39] Tony shares the internal development that turned into Cox Mobile and what had to go into it from a product development standpoint [19:35] What was it like for Tony’s team to reenter Cox into the mobile space product development-wise? How did they turn that into a consumer product? [21:20] Tony talks about the Cox Mobile launch and its timeframe now [25:48] Tony shares what’s happening behind the scenes now that they’re in launch mode, and where they’re iterating product and the development team right now [28:53] Tony’s favorite burrito and taco spots, Fajitas and Watersound Beach Club [30:43]   Follow Tony LinkedIn   Cox Communications Website | LinkedIn

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