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Revolutionizing the Way People Experience Cancer Treatment With Kate Dilligan of Cooler Heads

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Kate gives an overview of what Cooler Heads Care is [02:44] Kate shares her background and the story that led her to build a company [03:40] What brought Kate to San Diego? What was it like for her to be diagnosed in 2016? [05:48] At what point did Kate realize there needs to be some changes in terms of getting cancer treatments? [09:16] Kate talks about what it was like during the early stages of Cooler Heads and the power of networking [13:34] Kate shares how attending programs and doing pitches has helped her in building a successful business [15:53] Kate shares how Cooler Heads and their product iterated from then to now based on what they’re going to market with [17:45] Kate talks about the things she’s learning from the patients [22:44] Where is Cooler Heads headed and what is the bigger ecosystem that they’re building out? [23:56] Kate shares some of Cooler Heads’ milestones [25:17] Kate speaks about the advantage of running a business in San Diego and being surrounded by companies that matter or is making a change [26:48] Kate shares her favorite taco spot, Benny's Tacos [27:43]   Follow Kate Dilligan LinkedIn   Cooler Heads Care Website | LinkedIn

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