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Making Fashionable Eyewear That Suits Your Needs With Alex Feldman of Alexander Daas

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Alex gives an overview of what Alexander Daas is [02:25] Alex shares how he got into the eyewear and fashion industry [03:21] Alex talks about the industry and what changed since he started managing Alexander Daas [05:51] What separates Alexander Daas from other eyewear businesses? [07:17] How did Alex end up in San Diego? [08:27] Alex shares his observations in terms of eye health, how the pandemic affected it, and whether people still prioritize it [09:17] Alex talks about doing private appointments, and how he gets ideas and inspiration from their customers’ feedback [12:58] What has it been like working on the fashion aspect of Alexander Daas? Does Alex get guidance and feedback from other eyewear entrepreneurs? [15:45] How big or small is the eyewear industry locally? [16:42] Alex shares  where he sees Alexander Daas one year from now, as well as their future plans and goals [17:32] What makes independent boutique brands different from well-known brands? [19:41] Alex shares his favorite taco spots, En Fuego and Tamarindo [20:51] Follow Alex LinkedIn   Alexander Daas Website | LinkedIn

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