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Better Food Choices with With Julia Putzeys of Trash Panda App

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Julia gives an overview of what Trash Panda is [02:21] Julia shares her background and how the idea for Trash Panda started [03:37] How and when did the product idea for Trash Panda originate? [07:15] What was the pitching process like for Julia and her colleagues? [10:12] Julia shares some of the things they did to improve the user experience on Trash Panda [12:27] Julia talks about generating revenue for Trash Panda and how they make sure it doesn't bias the information they're giving to the audience, and the community of people she's found within the wellness and tech space [15:09] Are wellness brands something unique to San Diego? [20:03] Will Trash Panda always be an internalized product within the bigger company? [22:50] Julia shares her favorite taco spot, Haggo's Organic Taco [24:03] Follow Julia Putzeys LinkedIn   Trash Panda App Website | LinkedIn

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