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Creating Innovative Activewear Built for Maximum Performance With Wesley Horbatuck & Greg Orfe of Driftline

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Wes gives an overview of what Driftline is [02:20] Greg shares his background and how he met Wes [03:27] Wes shares his background and how he ended up in San Diego [05:38] When did the actual idea for Driftline come up? [09:01] Wes talks about how they started connecting with people that could help them with their business [12:06] How did Wes and Greg go from designing to manufacturing their product? [13:29] Greg shares what it was like having their first product sample to having their first sale [16:12] Wes and Greg talk about Driftline today and how people can find and buy their products [17:34] How long did the process take for Wes and Greg to get on Shark Tank? [20:37] Wes shares what it’s been like since their appearance on Shark Tank went live, and how it affected their business [22:07] Greg shares their future plans for Driftline, including adding more products [25:36] Does Wes consider San Diego as an area where a lot of entrepreneurs are starting sports and tech-related apparel? [27:25] Greg shares his favorite burrito spot, La Perla [29:39] Wes shares favorite taco spots, Oscars and City Tacos [31:13]   Resources: Driftline in Shark Tank Follow Wesley Horbatuck LinkedIn | Instagram   Follow Greg Orfe LinkedIn | Instagram   Driftline Website | LinkedIn

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