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Protecting Your Home From Online Threats The Easiest Way With John Wu of Gryphon

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. John gives an overview of what Gryphon is [02:22] How did John get into the tech industry? [03:52] John shares the trends he was starting to see after working in tech companies [06:12] How did John come up with the business idea for Gryphon? [08:18] John shares Gryphon’s use cases and success stories [09:56] John talks about encryption and its importance [12:12] John shares some of the lessons he learned from building hardware and software [13:08] John shares the positive and negative effects of the pandemic on their business [15:32] John shares Gryphon’s next steps, including building new products [17:03] John talks about the crypto aspect and decentralized approach when it comes to security and privacy issues [18:43] John explains why they have proof of bandwidth and proof of memory  [19:56] John shares his favorite taco spot, Yesenia's [21:34]   Follow John Wu LinkedIn   Gryphon Website | LinkedIn

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