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Sustainability and the Future of Smart Home Automation With Ashley Renne Nsonwu and Josh Gierke

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Ashley shares how she got into smart home automation [02:52] Josh talks about how tech has played a part in his career over the last few years [03:43] Ashley shares the first steps Ashley did to get started on sustainability and the first things she tried and tested [05:07] How did Ashley monitor if she was being sustainable? [07:51] Ashley shares how smart technology made her everyday life as a mother easier and more efficient [09:31] Josh shares where he has seen smart tech play a huge part in terms of providing help and care to others [10:42] Josh talks about the future of smart tech and sustainability and what he's excited about [12:48] Where is Ashley investing her time, energy and research next for sustainability and automation? [14:54] Josh talks about how sustainability in the workplace spill over into homes today [17:34] Ashley talks about sustainable technology solutions, policy changes, etc. [19:55] Josh shares his favorite taco spots, Tacos El Gordo and Rubio's [22:01] Ashley shares a taco spot she wants to try, Sugar Taco [23:13]   Follow Ashley online   LinkedIn   Hot Jupiter   Website | LinkedIn   Follow Josh online LinkedIn   Cox Communications Website | LinkedIn

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