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Investing and Helping Companies in Their Earliest Stage with Tyson McDowell of Greatscale Ventures

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Tyson gives an overview of what Greatscale Ventures is [02:26] Where was Tyson originally from and how did he get into tech? [04:14] On chasing financial success and the first company Tyson built [06:45] Tyson talks about his company and how they started by making hospitals efficient at collecting money with software [08:39] Tyson shares what his TED Talk was about and the high-value humanity in tech [10:19] How did Tyson meet his business partner, Aaron? [13:02] Tyson shares how they applied their idea of changing the world with tech into their business, and pivoting  [15:08] Tyson talks about the companies they’ve worked with and how they helped them [19:30] Tyson gives an example of what a startup’s journey and growth is like with Greatscale Ventures [21:15] Tyson shares where Greatscale Ventures is right now and what people can expect from them over the next year [27:39] [33:33] Tyson shares his favorite taco spots, Jack in the Box, City Tacos, and Casa Machado Restaurant [36:59]   Resources: Preserving humanity as AI takes us over - Tyson’s TED Talk  Follow Tyson online LinkedIn   Greatscale Ventures Website | LinkedIn

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