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The Right Pricing For Your Customers with Marcos Rivera of Pricing/IO

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Marcos gives an overview of what Pricing I/O is [02:41] When did Marcos move to San Diego? [03:33] How did Marcos end up in the tech and pricing industry? [05:16] Marcos talks about a campaign they did to collect data from companies Marcos shares the observation and trends he noticed from companies [06:36] [07:49] When did Marcos know he wanted to start a consultancy? [09:52] What was Marcos' entrepreneurial first step? [11:23] Marcos shares why he decided to write a book and how long it took him to finish it [12:53] Marcos shares what his book is all about and some key points from it [13:54] How does Marcos look at stages regarding companies from a trajectory standpoint? [15:51] Marcos shares what he tells people to do to their companies today pricing-wise based on the current trends and patterns he's seeing [17:56] Marcos talks about the importance of communication and transparency around pricing [21:20] Marcos shares his favorite taco spot, Puesto [24:09]   Resources: Book -  Street Pricing by Marcos Rivera   Follow Marcos online LinkedIn   Pricing I/O Website | LinkedIn | Facebook

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