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Building the Finest Software Engineering Teams With Maritza Diaz of ITJuana

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Maritza gives an overview of what ITJuana is [03:02] Maritza talks about the earlier perception of Tijuana, and the successful experiment they did of hiring engineers in Tijuana. [04:31] Maritza shares her objective in life and why ITJuana veer from traditional outsourcing [07:05] Maritza talks about the transformation that happened to their company when the pandemic happened, and the tech talents from Latin America [09:57] Maritza shares how ITJuana has been focusing and investing time and effort in talent development [11:52] What does Maritza perceive as the local tech community now? [14:46] Maritza shares the opportunities that have opened for talents in Tijuana and her goal of Tijuana becoming the "BioMed tech valley" of the world[16:31] Maritza gives advice to people who are thinking about building a startup or investing in a company like ITJuana [18:00] Maritza shares some tips and tricks she learned to grow her business [19:01] Maritza talks about the manufacturing in Tijuana [21:43] Maritza shares her favorite taco spots, Taco Nazo, Telefonica, and Valle de Guadalupe [24:18]    Follow Maritza online LinkedIn   ITJuana Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

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