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Helping Businesses Reach Their Full Potential With Marty Beard of alwaysAI & Steven Longley of Longley Capital

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Marty gives an overview of Always AI [02:18] How did Marty end up in the tech industry? [03:53] Marty talks about what it was like working for Blackberry and being in the telecom space [05:38] Marty shares how he turned his idea for alwaysAI into reality[06:43] When did Steven and Marty meet? [07:39] Steven talks about what Longley Capital does and what drew them to alwaysAI [09:52] Marty shares the trends he's been observing and why San Diego is a great location for alwaysAI [12:12] What are the feedbacks they have gotten from their users and community? [14:39] Marty explains the earliest stage of a startup that comes into the free model and how they grow alongside [15:50] Steven and Marty share some actual use cases they were surprised to see [16:52] Marty and Steven share their favorite tacos spots, Las Olas and El Pescador [19:15] Follow Marty online LinkedIn   Always AI Website | LinkedIn   Follow Steven online LinkedIn   Longley Capital Website | LinkedIn

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