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Eating Disorder Treatment Made More Accessible With Erin Parks of Equip

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Erin gives an overview of what Equip is [02:34] How did Erin end up in the telehealth tech space? [03:26] Erin talks about eating disorders and shortage in eating disorders providers [09:21] How did Erin and Kristina started their business and partnered with tech teams to build and scale it? [10:51] Erin shares the trends and differences she has observed from seeing clients and patients in person versus remotely [13:22] Erin shares why they decided to have a fully remote team even before pre-COVID [16:28] Erin talks about how Equip is doing now and its long-term goals [18:00] Erin shares her favorite taco spot, Las Olas [22:28] Follow Erin online LinkedIn | Instagram   Equip Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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