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Building Networks of Innovators to Solve National Security Problems With Jesse Gripe of NSIN

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Jesse gives an overview of what NSIN is [02:49] Jesse talks about his career path and how he got into national security and defense tech space [04:50] Jesse shares what he’s learned from having a great military presence and its relationship with innovators in San Diego [09:57] What does investment mean from the DoD perspective? [13:50] Jesse shares NSIN’s founding story [15:34] How can people with startup ideas or working on their startup ideas connect and work with NSIN? [19:24] Jesse talks about DoD and the breadth of technology they’re looking for when it comes to business and partnerships [24:02] Jesse shares the things he’s learning about innovation happening across the world and his region [27:13] Jesse shares his favorite taco spot, Ponce's [31:40]   Follow Jesse online LinkedIn   NSIN - National Security Innovation Network Website | LinkedIn

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