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Build Healthy Hydration Habits With Miles Bowles and Jock Thompson of PÜL

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Miles gives an overview of what PÜL is [02:32] Mile talks about their journey to becoming an entrepreneur [03:30] When did Miles take interest in building and running his own company? [04:48] Jock shares how he got into the startup world [05:59] Miles talks about how they came up with the idea for PÜL [09:24] Miles shares how the smart cap idea started [11:09] What inspired Jock to join in the hydration tech space? [13:06] Miles explains how the algorithm and data helps, and why he sees their product as a cognitive training tool [19:29] When did Miles and Jock know they were finally ready to have a product and go live? [25:08] Jock talks about the current state of their product and the wellness movement [29:27] Miles shares what’s next for PÜL [32:04] Miles and Jock share their favorite taco spots, Galaxy Taco and Chronic Tacos [35:54] Follow Miles online LinkedIn | Instagram   Follow Jock online LinkedIn   PÜL Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

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