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Using AI The Ethical Way With StoryFile CVO Heather Maio-Smith

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Heather gives an overview of what StoryFile is [02:21] How did Heather find herself in the tech field? How did she come up with the business idea for StoryFile? [03:15] Heather talks about the journey to making her business idea happen [07:13] How did Heather find the right people to work with for her business?[11:55] Heather talks about the tech side of her business and how things worked out from a technology ownership perspective [13:58] Heather shares the uses of their services and technology [17:08] Heather talks about their latest technologies, including having their own natural language processing system [22:03] Heather talks about finding talents and how StoryFile can ba be an avenue in doing so [24:33] Heather explains what StorFile’s living albums is [27:02] Why did Heather give up her role as CEO to become CVO? [28:56] Heather shares her favorite taco spots, El Coyote and Escuela Taqueria [31:50] Follow Heather online LinkedIn   StoryFile Website | LinkedIn

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