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Helping Patients With Purpose-Built Drugs With Todd Harris of Tyra Biosciences

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Todd gives an overview of what Tyra Biosciences is [02:21] How did Todd find his way into the biotech industry? [02:53] When did Todd realize he wanted to pursue bioscience as a career [04:39] Todd shares what led him to start his own company and his first business idea [05:52] Todd talks about his experience working for a project that turned into a company, and how that helped him in his own business [06:26] Todd talks about how he envisions IPO [08:25] Todd shares the founding story of Tyra Biosciences [10:10] Todd talks about his experience in the Bio, Tech and Beyond [11:39] Todd gives an overview of what’s happening in the precision space [13:09] What has it been like for Tyra Biosciences for the last two years?[16:07] Todd talks about where Tyra Biosciences is at right now, and their future plans and goals for the company [19:04] Todd shares his favorite taco spot, Pure Taco [20:13]   Follow Todd online LinkedIn   Tyra Biosciences Website | LinkedIn

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