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On Raising Funds and Building Fun and Interactive Hardware with Pree of Preemadonna

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Pree gives an overview of what Preemadonna is [02:20] Pree talks about her background,  where she grew up, and why she considers herself an accidental entrepreneur [03:05] Pree shares her educational background, her passion for American Politics, and the similarities she found between politics and entrepreneurship [04:09] Pree talks about what's it like to have worked in a startup as one of its first 10 employees [08:53] What led Pree to launch a business and how her idea of nailbot started [09:38] Pree talks about the steps she took to get ready and launch Preemadonna [11:47] How did Pree build her own hardware, software, and community? [14:12] Pree shares how she balanced finding people specific to her industry and how she applied her mentality when she was working in politics to her business [17:18] Pree talks about how she ended up in San Diego [22:33] Pree shares where nailbot is right now and her other projects [25:28] Pree shares her favorite taco spots, City Tacos and Jorge's in Oceanside, and Buccaneer Cafe [26:52]   Follow Pree online Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram   Preemadonna Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

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