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Helping Businesses Provide Personalized Nutrition Experience with Andrew Brandeis of OK Capsule

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Andrew gives an overview of what OK Capsule is [02:17] Andrew talks about his background and how he ended up in the health field [03:17] Andrew shares what made him interested in medicine, and his educational background [04:15] Andrew shares his thoughts on the accessibility of supplements today, and what inspired him to launch his business  [06:39] Andrew recalls his previous entrepreneurial ventures, including pitching to his patients, and what got him to enter the startup space [09:54] Andrews shares his mistake of not building a revenue model, what he learned from that, and how it gave him pushed him to pursue his idea for OK Capsule [11:55] Andrew shares the steps he did after deciding to push through with OK Capsule, including building a revenue model and raising money [14:55] What was Andrew pitching when he first got his LOIs for his business? And how did it change and improve their business model? [17:04] Andrew shares what he’s learned as they were starting their business such as knowing how to allocate things appropriately [20:23] Andrew talks about where their company is at today and its future plans [22:40] Andrew shares what made them consider going retail and come up with solution packs to turn customers into personalized customers [24:10] Andrew talks about sustainability and what he learned being in the industry, and what they’re doing to lessen the waste problem [27:09] Andrew talks about where the company is heading and where he would like to focus more in the future such as tech solutions [29:19] Andrew shares his favorite taco spots [31:56] Follow Andrew online LinkedIn | Instagram   OK Capsule Website | LinkedIn

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