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“Love in Every Bite”: Turning Your Passion Into Business With Amaya Ford of Mya’s Catering Co.

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms.   Amaya gives an overview of what Mya's Catering is [02:17] Amaya talks about her childhood and her favorite childhood baked item that started her baking business [02:59] When did the idea of launching a business come up for Amaya? [04:32] What were the first steps Amaya did once she has decided to launch a business? [05:24] Amaya shares the training and education she did that helped her improve her skills and knowledge [06:07] Amaya shares what the day to day operation is like for Mya's Catering [07:09] What is the Connect All program and how did it help Amaya's business? [08:42] Amaya talks about her business, Mya's Catering and its future plans[10:10] What are some of the ways Amaya does to get her products out? [11:20] Amaya shares advice for those who are planning to launch a business and wants to go all-in [12:10] Amaya's favorite taco spot, El Rural Taco Shop [14:02]   Follow Amaya online LinkedIn   Mya’s Catering Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

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