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Innovative Solutions and Better Products for Women with Saundra Pelletier of Evofem

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms.    Saundra gives an overview of what Evofem Biosciences is, and their product Phexxi [02:15] Why did Saundra choose to pitch for their product and what makes it unique? [03:28] Saundra talks about her career in women's health and what made her want to move up the corporate ladder [04:24] Saundra shares why helping women, not just professionally, is important to her [08:11] Saundra talks about working in Biotech, and how it brought her to San Diego [12:19] When and how did Evofem come to be? [16:03] Saundra takes us through the path to having Phexxi and what the product does for women [19:02] Saundra talks about the side effects of birth control, hormones, and how Phexxi can be empowering to women [21:00] Why is DTC important for Saundra, and the challenges they faced before they were able to launch the product [24:06] Why do retail investors relate more to DTC, and how did Phexxi get Annie Murphy for their ads? See their video with Annie Murphy [27:07] Saundra shares the future of Phexxi, and other projects they're working on [30:17] Saundra talks about how she built the company the way she did, and why culture is everything to her [31:58] Saundra's favorite taco spot, Haggo's Organic Tacos [36:45] Resources: Annie Murphy’s Phexxi commercial Follow Saundra Pelletier online LinkedIn | Twitter   Evofem Biosciences Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn   Phexxi Website | Facebook | Instagram

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