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Making Event Organizing Easier and Engaging Using the Right Platforms With Chris Carver and Josh Parolin of LENND and Classy Live

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms.    Chris gives an overview of what LENND is [03:11]  Josh gives an overview of what Classy Live is [03:53] Josh shares his background, how he ended up in San Diego, his journey toward non-profit and tech space, and how he and Chris met [04:50] Chris shares his background in tech, including building businesses and being on the buyer side of tech [07:17] Josh and Chris talk about how he and Chris came up with the idea for LENND early on, how it evolved, and some highlights on their journey [09:28] Chris talks about how and what their company was doing pre-covid, how covid affected the events industry, what they learned from it and how they adapted [13:21] Chris shares some of the challenges virtual events companies are facing as in-person events are starting to come back [17:52] Josh talks about how the pandemic gave them an idea for LENND and a solution to help marketers and nonprofits, and why they decided to launch a new brand, Fondi [19:23] Chris shares his perspective on how they came up with Fondi, including the name of the brand, and why they had to reject a $350K deal during COVID [21:09] Chris talks about having a good network in the non-profit space and how it helped them to get customers for their brand, and how they partnered with other platforms [24:00] Chris and Josh talk about the importance of listening and talking to your customers and how you can learn something from them [26:45] Chris talks about their partnerships with other platforms [28:15] Josh talks more about their partnership with Classy, and how their partnership evolved [31:22] Josh shares some of the unique cases used in Classy Live, such as broadcasting from underwater [32:44] Josh talks about how hybrid works in widening the audience and exposure to events, as well as the challenges in building communities around these events [33:47] Chris shares the operational and logistical challenges involved in merging both virtual and in-person events [34:23]  Josh and Chris talk about working together and what non-profit organizations can learn from them [35:58] Josh and Chris share their favorite taco spots, Tuetano Taqueria, Mitch's Seafood, and the taco stand at K58 in Baja [38:14]   Follow Josh online Twitter | LinkedIn   Follow Chris online Twitter | LinkedIn   LENND Website   Classy Website

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