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Discovering the Perfect Sake for Every Occasion With Paul Dohrenwend and Reina Watanabe of Safu Sake

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms.  An overview of what Safu Sake is [02:16] Paul talks about his background as a physician by training and how he got into business school [03:58] On why Paul chose sake as the main product for his business [04:47] Reina gives a backstory about her background in the food and beverage industry, and how she and Paul got connected [06:18] How Paul and Reina tested out sake for the business virtually during a pandemic [10:17] Reina talks about how Safu Sake's the first to export sake in their area [13:41] Paul talks about the history of the brewery and how they've designed a sake that they've never done before [15:11] On how Paul managed to work as a doctor, go into business school, and set up his business in the middle of a pandemic [16:48] How did Paul and his team get Safu Sake and their product into the market [18:32] Paul shares Safu Sake's milestones[19:08] Paul shares where people can get Safu Sake [21:02] Can you make sake outside Japan? [21:31] Paul and Reina's favorite taco places, Tacos El Gordo, Wahoo's Fish Taco, South Coast Grill, and Lanea in Santa Monica, LA [25:30]    Follow Paul online Twitter | LinkedIn   Follow Reina online LinkedIn   Safu Sake: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

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