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Providing Cure Through Innovative Technology With Mark Gergen of Poseida

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms.  Introducing Mark [02:00] Mark provides an overview of what Poseida is [02:20] Mark shares how he ended up in life sciences and how it led him to San Diego [04:04] What San Diego and the biotech industry were like when Mark moved to the city [07:14] The founding story of Poseida and what the company is currently working on [08:40] Mark shares the development of CAR-T [10:33] An update on the technology, the current programs in Poseida’s clinic and trial dates [12:39] Mark talks about Poseida going public during the pandemic, and how it started [14:55] How the pandemic affected the world of biotech IPO [16:56] What makes working in biotech rewarding [17:25] Mark shares details about Poseida’s first strategic collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical [18:27] Mark shares what the biotech community is like during a pandemic and what war talent is [19:59] Mark’s favorite taco spot, Not Not Tacos, and Yesenia’s  [22:30]   Follow Mark online LinkedIn   Poseida: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

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