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Achieving Your Financial Goals With RiseUP and Why You Should “Start With the End in Mind” with Tara Falcone of ReisUp

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms.  Introducing Tara [01:54] What is ReisUP? [02:29] How did Tara get into the tech world? [03:06] A brief history of how Tara turned her ideas into reality and the early steps and processes that lead to the creation of the app [05:01]  How did Tara start building out the app and the people who helped her make it happen [09:31] All about the private beta, the launch date, and what it currently looks like [10:30] The things Tara and her team are tracking and analyzing, such as the goals people are investing for [11:13]  How Tara got connected to the San Diego startup community [17:51]  Tara's favorite taco place: Rudy's in Solana beach [20:22]   Follow Tara online Twitter | LinkedIn | Website   ReisUP/Reason APP: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

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