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An Intelligently Connected Future With Qualcomm

Introducing Don [01:53] How did Don get into the telecom world? And what was it like in the early days? [03:20] The evolution of Qualcomm [08:41] Qualcomm's plans of bringing industry-leading experiences to smartphones and helping the automotive industry [11:58] What are Qualcomm’s branding strategies? [15:16] Consumer brand association with Snapdragon [15:58] Qualcomm’s first fan community for Snapdragon [19:28] Don’s biggest challenge on a daily basis [20:18] All about the Snapdragon Stadium [22:02] The future plans of Qualcomm over the next decade [25:44] How the pandemic contributed to the acceleration of the technology adoption curve with consumers and how it affected the system [28:58] Don’s favorite taco spots, Roberto's (in Solana Beach) and El Pueblo [30:40]   Follow Don online Twitter | LinkedIn   Qualcomm: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

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