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Keeping the School Community Safe with Ross Young

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms.  The pandemic has completely changed the school system, making the transition from in-person to virtual learning difficult and opening new risks of cyber attacks towards young students. Companies like Linewize are focused on keeping students safe in a digital learning environment and content-filtering in the classroom or at district level. Ross Young, Senior Vice President at Linewize, shares his experience in the cybersecurity industry and leading sales operations for the North American branch.  Ross grew up in San Francisco, Bay Area, and worked in the mortgage industry before the crash of 2008. After the financial crisis hit, he switched into the tech industry in order to survive, focusing on sales. He had his first experience with the cybersecurity world through iboss, and was among the first salespeople to sell and deploy the product. Unfamiliar with technical knowledge, he had to self-teach himself the know-hows of the cybersecurity space in order to effectively sell the product. He witnessed the company’s expansion first-hand, leaving iboss as the market share leader in their space for edtech and content filtering at that time. In 2018, Ross was directly recruited from iboss to Linewize, an Australian cybersecurity company that was looking for someone who was familiar with ed tech content filtering in the States. Their strategy was to sell to school districts and reach the parent community to sell their home content filter through school influence. Ross joined the team, and within three years, they reached a quarter billion raise, driving strong numbers in revenue and profit. Recently, they have acquired competitors Smoothwall and Net Ref, expanding their customer base and product lines. Listen to Ross Young share his journey into the cybersecurity space and how he was able to merge sales and technology together to successfully expand Linewize and their products.    Ross’ favorite local tacos: TJ Tacos in Escondido Four Tunas Fish and Bar in Escondido   Connect with Ross: LinkedIn   Learn more about Linewize:  Website: https://www.linewize.com/  Facebook: @linewize Twitter: @linewize  Instagram: @linewize  LinkedIn Thanks to our partners at Cox Business & Cox Edge for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.

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