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The lowdown on web3 and why it's about to totally flip how we market our businesses

You might have heard of NFTs, the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but chances are you've dismissed them as being something that the "crypto bros" on Tiktok are promoting to make a quick buck. Here's the thing: The internet (and social media) as we know it is about to change drastically as we move to web3. This episode, I'm sharing the basics of web3 and how it applies to you as a business owner and marketer. In this episode, I talk about: - What the heck web3 actually is and why you should care. - The future of social media platforms where we're not at the whim of algorithms. - The key web3 concepts that you need to know about, explained as simply as possible. - How real people are using this technology right now, and some ways you'll be able to use it in the future. - Where to start dipping your toe into the world so that you're ahead of the curve. Sign up for my new weekly newsletter, Web3 for Marketers at Further reading: - Web3 starter pack: - How to not be scammed in NFTs: - NFTs 101 — Why NFTs are a generational innovation:

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