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Celinne Da Costa on uncovering and embodying your brand story

Celinne Da Costa is a story alchemist and self actualisation coach. Celinne specializes in helping clients let go of their limiting beliefs, reconnect to the truth of who they are at their core and translate that into a story and a brand that aligns with the people they desire to connect with (AKA their soulmate clients). In todays episode we chat about: - How quitting her job and couch surfing around the world led to the business she runs today. - Uncovering and embodying your brand story, and the ripple effect this can have on your business. - What is the future version of me and what am I doing to get here? Analysing your brain chatter and risk-taking... - The 4 part process of making the change: Unlocking limiting beliefs, embodying your story, the design process, amplifying your message. - The incredible power behind magnetising the right clients and opportunities - Changing perspective of your story... it's not what the story is, it's how and who you share it with You can find Celinne at and find how to work with her at or on instagram @celinnedacosta SHOW LINKS: - Get my Daily Biz Booster emails: - Join the waitlist for the September round of Launch Magic: - Get the Digital Product Kickstart Kit: Let's be Instagram friends:

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