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Shelley Judge on how creating and launching a course at the same time helped her to overcome perfectionism

Shelley Judge joins me on the podcast today to explore her learnings from creating and launching her program at the same time! Shelley is a children's nutritionist who has used her experience in child psychology and nutrition to create Mealtime Magic, changing the thoughts and behaviours around food for children whilst educating and guiding families through the journey. In today's episode we chat about: - The benefit of creating a digital product as an alternative to one-on-one client work - The reality of creating and launching concurrently - Overcoming the fears and mindset muck and dealing with perfectionism and procrastination - Biggest launch take-aways - The benefit of non-buyer surveys - The objection of costs and investment - Preparing the audience to buy through content sharing... You can find Shelley at or you can DM her on Instagram @goodlittleeaters to chat about anything mealtimes and kids nutrition related. SHOW LINKS: - Get my Daily Biz Booster emails: - Join the waitlist for the September round of Launch Magic: - Get the Digital Product Kickstart Kit: Let's be Instagram friends:

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