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5 things you can do during a slow period to set your business up for future growth

Slow periods can be super productive as it's the perfect time to work on your business and set yourself up for for long term results! In this episode, I share with you how I set myself up for future growth in these down times... - Invest intentional time and energy into audience growth - How to get clear on your 'ideal customer' - How to amplify your reach - Focus on your unique angle - strengths, experience, knowledge and your audience needs - Research, research, research - it's super valuable on so many levels - Get clarity on your perfect digital product idea - Start creating your income-producing assets...short term income vs long term growth! Today's take-away - use quiet periods to set yourself up today for your future success! Be sure to check out next week's 5-day series where I break down how to uncover your winning digital product idea. SHOW LINKS: - Grow your audience with Boost Your Brand's Superfans ( - Get my step-by-step plan to launch your podcast ( - Sign up for my free podcasting masterclass (

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