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Classic Comics with Matthew B. Lloyd: Episode #30 Fantastic Four # 4 The coming of the Sub-Mariner

He’s arguable Marvel Comics’ oldest character- Namor, the Sub-Mariner.  As the Golden Age dimmed Namor fell into comic book limbo.  This episodes looks at the issue that not only brought him back, but introduced him into the nascent Marvel Age of Comics, birthed just a few months earlier in Fantastic Four #1.  The Sub-Mariner returns in Fantastic Four #4! You can follow the show @ComicsLloyd on Twitter or send an email to   You can find me on Twitter @MattB_Lloyd and at where I write reviews and edit news stories. You can also check out my chapter in “Politics in Gotham: The Batman Universe and Political Thought.” And: “Black Panther and Philosophy: What Can Wakanda Offer the World?” Links Namor, the Sub-Mariner at Wikipedia Superheroes for Dummies- Geek Guide Check out the recent episode on the Sub-Mariner Episode 6 of Classic Comics- The Human Torch vs. The Sub-Mariner Fantastic Four at Amazon --- Send in a voice message:

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