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She-Hulk Podcast at Large Ep 7: The Retreat

This week Tonya and Spider-Dan are joined by Mike and Megan from Star Wars Comics In Canon and Genuine Chit-Chat! Check out Spider-Dan’s show, Patreon, and other fun stuff on his website or follow him on social media: Twitter: @Dan_Bores – Instagram: @Spiderdansecretbores And follow Tonya Todd on social media: @mstonyatodd, her newsletter:, and You can find Mike on Star Wars: Comics In Canon on Comics In Motion and podcast Genuine Chit-Chat, Megan often joins him for Patreon exclusive, Afterthoughts - find all his links & social media here: And don't forget to listen to Tonya's 7 Banned Books episodes, released on this feed and on YouTube - Megan even made an appearance on the Harry Potter episode! Spider-Dan hosted another episode of Disney Discussions where he, Mike, Megan & Ria Carrogan watched some weird & wonderful Disney movies that aren't even available on Disney+! Listen here: Mike appeared on Spider-Dan's show to talk Maximum & Absolute Carnage here: --- Social: IMDb | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Podcast | LinkedIn | Stage 32 Book me: Manager Sue Sheridan | Agent: Joaquin Sahagun | Publicist: Bruce Wawrzyniak --- Send in a voice message:

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