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Star Wars: Andor Discussion - Episode 4: Aldhani, With JAC & Maff

THE ANDOR DISCUSSION SHOW CONTINUES WITH JAC AS HOST! This week JAC talks about the fourth episode of Andor called Aldhani, and he is joined by a new member of the Comics In Motion family; Maff!  JAC’s Twitter: @IAmJACsMusings – JAC has his own show called Back To The Filmography that airs on the feeds of Comics In Motion & The Pop Guerrillas plus he can also be found on episodes of the Pop Guerrillas, Seasons Greetings & Indie Comics Spotlight, all of which are found here: & Maff has no social media but his first CiM appearance was on episode 6 of the She-Hulk discussion show; Just Jen, listen here:  Mike, Megan, Ria & JAC discussed all 9 episodes of Star Wars Visions S1 here: Please subscribe to Mike’s YouTube channel to see video versions of his conversations, playlists filled with episodes of GCC, a huge amount of Star Wars content and more: For more Star Wars content, check out Mike’s show Star Wars: Comics In Canon every Saturday on the feed of Comics In Motion or on his YouTube channel, plus check out his conversations with Star-Wars-related individuals including Cavan Scott, Claudia Gray, Paolo Villanelli, Dominic Pace and other non-Star-Wars guests! Email us at or follow us on social media @comicsinmotionp --- Send in a voice message:

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