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Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Ep 99: Revenge Of The Nihil; More Star Wars Manga (The Edge Of Balance Volume 2)

THE STAR WARS MANGA CONTINUES WHERE THE NIHIL ATTACK! In ep 99 of SWCIC, Mike continues on his journey through the manga set in the High Republic era! This volume continues the journeys of Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi, two excitable younglings and Lily’s padawan Keerin, all on the planet Banchii. Some familiar faces from the High Republic Adventures comics (by Daniel José Older) appear and the younglings even participate in the great jedi race aboard Starlight Beacon, but it’s not all fun and games as the notorious Nihil prepare to attack the temple once again – will our heroes be able to stop it? Don’t forget to submit your questions for the 100th episode of SWCIC by contacting Mike via @GenuineChitChat or @ComicsInMotionP on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! Edge Of Balance Volume 2 was released February 22nd2022 digitally and May 24th 2022 in paperback, it was written by Shima Shinyu & Daniel José Older with artwork by Mizuki Sakakibara. Last week Mike embarked on the first volume of Edge Of Balance, so check that out if you haven’t already! Mike tackled all three volumes of High Republic Adventures comics in episodes 86, 90 & 93 of SWCIC, all High Republic comics (by Cavan Scott) in episodes 84, 88 & ep 92, and The Eye Of The Storm comics in ep 94. Mike’s High Republic book reviews are found on Comics In Motion’s feed and on Mike’s YouTube: Light Of The Jedi was released March 13th 2021, A Test Of Courage: August 14th 2021, Into The Dark: October 2nd 2021, The Rising Storm: November 13th 2021, Race To Crashpoint Tower: February 5th 2022 and Out Of The Shadows was released 19th March 2022. The Fallen Star review was released 23rd April 2022 and the last two books; Mission To Disaster & Midnight Horizon will be reviewed soon. Mike & members of the Comics In Motion family are doing a weekly Obi-Wan Kenobi discussion show, each discussion being released a day or two after the episodes drop so make sure you check those out on CiM’s feed or on Mike’s YouTube channel! Last week, Mike answered the question from Revenge Of The Sith; what was that business on Cato Neimoidia? This question is answered in a spoiler-free book review about recently released Brotherhood by Mike Chen! Set in the first few weeks of the Clone Wars (just after Ep II: Attack Of The Clones) this story delves into the shift in Anakin & Obi-Wan’s relationship once Anakin is promoted from padawan to jedi while also dealing with crisis on Cato Neimoidia plus this book introduces a Clone Wars character, shows what Padmé & Anakin are like when aware from prying eyes as well as much more! To hear Mike’s exclusive canon book reviews on Last Shot, Dark Disciple & A New Dawn, plus the Legends books Shatterpoint, Darth Bane & Darth Plagueis as well as the movie & TV “Afterthoughts” episodes, support the show at Please subscribe to Mike’s YouTube channel to see video versions of his conversations, playlists filled with episode of GCC & SWCIC and more: Mike appeared on Indie Comics Spotlight, discussing Cavan Scott’s Shadow Service with Tony, listen on the feed of Comics In Motion! Mike returned to Star Wars Timeline to talk about Villains in each of the SW trilogies here: Outro read by BZ The Voice: Intro theme arranged by Mike Burton, backing music by Eric Matyas at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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